Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga Na JKT | Application letter Sample

Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga Na JKT | Application Letter Sample. JKT has announced opportunities for young Tanzanians who want to join the Army. The Head of the JKT Administration Branch, Brigadier General Hassan Mabena, has said that the procedure for young people to apply and finally be selected to join the training is coordinated by the offices of the Heads of Regions and Districts where the applicant is from.

Thing to note, the Army has informed the youth who will get the opportunity that, the Army does not provide any employment to the youth and jt will not involved in finding employment for them.

Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga Na JKT | Application letter Sample

The following is the Sample (Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga-JKT);

Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga Na JKT | Application letter Sample

Procedures and Criteria To Join JKT (Kujitolea Na Mujibu Wa sheria)

Conditions for a young volunteer for joining the Nation Building Army

  • Be a citizen of Tanzania
  • Must be between the ages of 18-23
  • Should have completed standard seven and continue
  • Must not be married and have no dependents
  • Be willing to follow all the military rules while in the military (escape, theft, drunkenness, smoking marijuana, drugs and pregnancy etc.) The military is a serious offense and you will be prosecuted and terminated by JKT

  • Be ready to return home after concluding his contract with the Nation
  • Building Army
  • Have good manners and conduct

History of JKT

The Nation Building Force exists legally, since when it arrived in 1964, the Parliament enacted the Law for the establishment of JKT and that law gave legal force to the 1963 decision of the Council of Ministers to establish the Force. According to the Law, joining JKT was voluntary. In 1966, the law was amended to establish a procedure for joining JKT in accordance with the Law.

This procedure concerned young people who have graduated from universities, colleges of higher education, sixth form and those who have completed the fourth form who have received training in colleges of various professions such as teaching, medicine, nursing and so on.

Mfano Wa Barua Ya Kujiunga Na JKT | Application letter Sample.

The director of JKT was legally empowered to call the young people to join JKT. In July 1967, the first group of 64 young scholars joined JKT in Operation Resolution.