Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Mafunzo Jeshi La Magereza 2022 – Download PDF

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Download here List Ya Majina Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Jeshi la Magereza 2022.

The basic responsibilities of the Prison Service (Magereza) are to receive and keep in prison all people who are brought to prison in accordance with the laws of the country and run various programs aimed at rehabilitating convicted prisoners so that they can finally leave prison as good citizens.  In carrying out these duties, the Prison Service is responsible for following and respecting all the laws of the country as well as various international laws concerning human rights.

The purpose of this document of the Customer Service Agreement is to educate all customers who have relations with this entity about the following matters:-

(i) Services provided by this entity in accordance with laws and procedures.

(ii) The responsibility of this entity to all types of customers.

(iii) Responsibility of customers of all types in their relationship with this entity.

(iv) How to make a complaint when the customer sees that he was not treated fairly by this body.

Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Mafunzo Jeshi La Magereza 2022 – Download PDF

The Commissioner General of the Tanzania Prisons Army, announces that after the job interview exercise held in June and July, 2022 through the Regional Security Committees in Tanzania and the Headquarters of Prisons, the young people listed in this announcement have been selected to join the training of  prior to military service Prisons that will be held at the Kiwira Mbeya Prison Academy.

The parties are required to report to the college on September 25, 2022 ready to start training. Anyone who is late to report on the date mentioned above will have lost that position and will be removed from the list.

Majina Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Jeshi la Magereza 2022.

In addition, all the selected young people are required to come to the Offices of the Heads of Prisons of the nearby Regions where they are located so that they can be given instructions and procedures for transportation to the College as well as the necessary requirements.

Tanzania Prison Army know as Magereza published out of Tangazo la Kuitwa Kwenye Mafunzo Ya Awali ya Jeshi La Magereza Kwa Mwaka 2022. To get those names in PDF format Click the link below;


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