UWC Ikamva Login Portal

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UWC Ikamva Login Portal
University of the Western Cape

In this UWC Ikamva Login Portal, contain helpful information on how to access to the University of the Western Cape, UWC Ikamva Portal (ikamva.uwc.ac.za) also known how to download Ikamva Mobile Application.

What is UWC Ikamva?

iKamva is the University of the Western Cape’s Students eLearning portal. It is also a Sakai eLearning platform just like nwu eFundi. The word iKamva means ‘the future is now‘. This platform helps lecturers of the University of the Western Cape in uploading their courses and course materials (ie. course outlines, lecture notes/PowerPoint presentations, recommended reading books/journals, videos, forums)  which enable students to access them for continuing academic work.

How to Access UWC Ikamva Login Portal

To login to the iKamva portal you will need to do the following:

Note that: iKamva is UNAVAILABLE between 5am – 6am Everyday, as the servers are restarting.

How to download Ikamva Mobile Application

The iKamva Android application acts as a dedicated browser for iKamva. To download Ikamva Mobile Application >>>Click here

NOTE: When installing this application, you may be requested to send the application to the Google PlayStore for ‘Scanning’.  Do not click on scan as this process is very lengthy. Hence, click on ‘Dont Send’. The iKamva Application is safe to use and contains no Malware. 


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