Universities Courses for CBG Advanced level students in Tanzania.

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Universities Courses for CBG Advanced level students in Tanzania.

Universities Courses for CBG combination, Know courses for students who studied CBG at their advanced level. Courses for CBG students who passed well on his examination, Health courses for CBG students. Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG) will study several health courses at some of Universities. Read carefully this article to know courses based on CBG combination.

Tanzania courses to study for student of combination CBG Advanced level

Have you finished two years of Advanced level of CBG combination? Which courses are best for your Advanced level combination? Where can I get degree after finishing by Advanced level for CBG students?. First of all you have to know that Universities are looking for two subjects which they are giving you a total of four points.

Health courses want you to have a minimum of six points in all of three subjects of your combination..

For example, the PCB student he must have a CDE for his three subjects where C must be of chemistry subject, D of biology subject and E of physics subject  (NOTE: It is Must) to gave those point if you’ve got a Division 2 of points 12 for PCB Combination It means that you have got DDD for both subjects (This means that you are not qualified to pursue Health courses on any college this is because you must have C of chemistry subject and u got D for Chemistry subject)

Note that, When you did well on your Form six NECTA examination for sciences subjects include Chemistry, Biology, Geography (CBG) you will have an assurance of getting high percentage of loan from loan board (HELSB) which will cover large  amount of tuition fee and some cost required by the Institution but also give you accommodation and meals which known as BOOM.

Universities Courses for CBG Advanced level students in Tanzania.

Students who are studying  CBG  at Advanced level schools have a lot of dreams to Study several courses at Universities including Pharmacy  Nursing and various health courses, but nowadays, things have been changed and now CBG students will be allowed to study only one health course at any institution which is Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (BSc EHS) (which means that a student must have C of chemistry subject, D in biology subject and E in physics subject / Mathematics subject, Agriculture subject, nutrition subject or geography subject.)


If you are not qualified to pursue that health course which is Bachelor of science in Environmental Health Sciences (BSc EHS), do not try to apply it because you will not be accepted to pursue it, When you realized that you got points which are below than those needed try to apply for another courses which are relevant to your points. When you try to apply for that course and you have not reached the required points it will cost you later for lack of college.

You just know that most of health courses are as outlined in students who study the PCB. But You can choose other non health courses which needs at least two principle pass from CBG Combination. Example of courses which CBG students can pursue degree are Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Education, Human resources, Tax management, Taxation and other courses which are available in many institutions in Tanzania.

For that, CBG student must choose which course will be capable for him to pursue it. This will make him to prepare for himself on what he is going to study. CBG students are encouraged to study hard because nowadays there are scarcity of employment. So that you can pursue Health degree and you will become a farmer.


I would like to conclude by reminding all CBG students that they have to apply for Universities/Colleges this year and they have to know that all applications are taking place at the each university website which you want to Study.

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