KNEC KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir Country

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KNEC KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir Country
KNEC KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir Country

KNEC KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir Country. The results of KCPE 2022 Wajir are published online. See the results of KNEC KCPE 2022 Wajir Country in this article. KCPE 2022 Results. Students who took these examinations will be able to check their grades with names and numbers on the exam. Candidates can find the results on their official KNEC portal, as well as use the link below in this publication.

In this article we will guide you through the steps to follow to check your  Wajir Country KCPE results 2022 on the KNEC Website and via the mobile phone using the SMS Code 20076.

Kenya National Examinations Council

The Kenya National Examinations Council is the national body responsible for overseeing national examinations in Kenya. Its current chairman is Professor John Onsati. This council was established under the Kenya National Examinations Council Act Cap 225A of the Laws of Kenya, in 1980. KCPE results 2022/2023 exam results can also be accessed through the KNEC portal later through

Customers should visit the KNEC website ( in order to access our portals and guidelines on how to apply for various services and products.

KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir Region Check Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Results.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is a certificate awarded to students after completing the approved eight-year course in primary education in Kenyans. The examination is supervised by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), an examining body in Kenya under the Ministry of Education. The same body also conducts and regulates the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), a certificate awarded to students after completing secondary education. KCPE and KCSE were both started in 1985 when the 8-4-4 system of education was introduced in Kenya.

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Examination Subjects

The subjects examined are Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Social Studies and Religious Education (Christian/Islamic/Hindu) and Science. English and Kiswahili consist of two parts, for English there is Grammar and Composition, and for Kiswahili, there is Lugha and Insha. Social Studies includes a bit of Kenyan History, Civic education, current County system of government as well as all the Religious Studies. Deaf or hard of hearing students may choose to be tested in Kenyan Sign Language instead of Kiswahili. Each subject is worth a maximum of 100 marks. Each candidate is therefore able to earn a maximum of 500 marks. If by chance someone gets over 400 marks, they are admitted to a government sponsored school. The exam time runs from the last week of October and takes three days. In 2016, the exams were held In October. Results are then announced by the Minister for Education sometime in November. Efforts are ongoing to scrap the KCPE exam

How can I check my KCPE results for Wajir Country online for whole school?

The following below are the simple step to follow to check KCPE Results 2022/2023 Wajir country Online

  • Visit the Official KNEC website
  • Check for the KCPE Results tab, click on it.
  • Select the year you sat for the Exams.
  • Enter your Index number.
  • Finally click the Submit button.
  • Your KCPE results should show on the screen after a while

How to check KCPE 2022 results Wajir Country via SMS Code 20076- Simplified Guide

To receive your Wajir Country KCPE results as fast as possible, send an SMS to KNEC. This is the fastest and surest way of receiving your results. Follow the simple steps below;

  • Go to Messages in your phone.
  • Type the Knec SMS Code 20076 as the recipient. This should be entered in the box indicated ‘Type Name or Number’.
  • Next, compose a new message with your full index number (11digits) followed by KCPE; For example, 12345678901KCPE. Do not use the random number given during the exam. But, use your normal index number.
    Once done, send your message.
  • After sending the message, wait for KNEC to respond with a message containing your results.
  • Sometimes the response from KNEC may take longer. Please do not be impatient, just wait for a few minutes.

KNEC official website

The official website to check your KCPE Results 2022 is This is the KNEC online portal that will also be used by Headmasters and Principals to download and print the result Slips.

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