Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni – TRC Online Booking

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Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni - TRC Online Booking
Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni - TRC Online Booking
Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni

Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni – TRC Online Booking, In this article you will go through Tiketi za Treni online Trc and step by step on how Booking Ticket online through Tanzania Railways Corporation.

Train transport is one of the transport that in the past was the most popular transport in Tanzania, this transport used to transport people from one place to another But it was also used by traders to deliver goods from one place to another and even from farmers to produce crops elsewhere for sale.

How to Book Train Ticket Online – Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni

For those who want to book their ticket Online ( Kukata Ticketi Za Treni) must go through https://booking.trc.co.tz/ then follow below steps.

  • Step One: Find a Train – Enter your details above and then click search to start searching for your booking.
  • Step Two: Enter your Details: You will be asked for your contact details and information. (There is no need to register an account.)
  • Step Three: Pay by using mobile phone or Bank – You can pay by using your Credit Card or Phone via any secure Payment method.
  • Step Four: Receive Your Ticket – After Payment Completed, within 20 minutes You will receive an email with your Ticket.

NOTE: To make a booking for DSM – ARUSHA and ARUSHA – DSM train journeys, click here.

The booking service is currently suspended, please come to the station to get your ticket, for more information call 0800110042

Nauli Mpya za Treni Tanzania 2023

Someone going on search engines and search for Bei ya Nauli za Treni,Nauli za Treni Ordinary, Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Treni, Nauli za Treni Dar to Moshi,Dar to Arusha, Dar Mwanza 2022 or Deluxe. Now don’t worry, Below are full information about those questions. These are the Train Fares for the Tanzania Railway Corporation TRC.

Nauli za Ordinary Train


KutokaKwendaDaraja la I
Daraja la II
Daraja la III
Dar es SalaamPugu10,6009,2005,300
Dar es SalaamMpiji12,70010,7006,000
Dar es SalaamSoga12,70010,7006,000
Dar es SalaamNgeta13,70011,4006,400
Dar es SalaamRuvu13,80011,4006,400
Dar es SalaamKwala14,80012,2006,700
Dar es SalaamMagindu15,90012,9007,100
Dar es SalaamNgerengere18,00014,4007,800
Dar es SalaamMikese19,00015,2008,200
Dar es SalaamKingolwira20,10015,9008,500
Dar es SalaamKilosa25,40019,70010,300
Dar es SalaamKidete27,50021,20011,100
Dar es SalaamGodegode28,60021,90011,400
Dar es SalaamGulwe29,60022,70011,800
Dar es SalaamMsagali30,70023,40012,100
Dar es SalaamIgandu31,70024,20012,500
Dar es SalaamKikombo32,80024,90012,900
Dar es SalaamHumwa33,80025,60013,200
Dar es SalaamDodoma34,90026,40013,600
Dar es SalaamZuzu34,90026,40013,600
Dar es SalaamKigwe37,00027,90014,300
Dar es SalaamBahi38,10028,60014,700
Dar es SalaamKintinku37,90028,60014,700
Dar es SalaamMakutupora39,10029,40015,000
Dar es SalaamSalanda40,20030,10015,400
Dar es SalaamManyoni41,20030,90015,700
Dar es SalaamAghondi42,30031,60016,100
Dar es SalaamItigi43,20032,40016,500
Dar es SalaamKazikazi45,40033,90017,200
Dar es SalaamKarangasi46,50034,60017,500
Dar es SalaamTura47,60035,40017,900
Dar es SalaamMalongwe48,60036,10018,300
Dar es SalaamNyahula50,70037,60019,000
Dar es SalaamIgagula52,80039,10019,700
Dar es SalaamItulu53,90039,90020,100
Dar es SalaamTabora54,90040,60020,400
Dar es SalaamLulanguru56,00041,30020,800
Dar es SalaamKaliua61,30045,10022,600
Dar es SalaamNguruka66,60048,80024,400
Dar es SalaamUvinza70,80051,80025,800
Dar es SalaamKazuramimba72,90053,30026,600
Dar es SalaamKalenge75,00054,80027,300
Dar es SalaamLuiche75,00054,70027,300
Dar es SalaamKigoma76,10055,60027,600

Nauli za Deluxe Train

KutokaKwendaDaraja la IIIDaraja la II (Kukaa)Daraja la I (Kulala)
Dar es SalaamMorogoro10,90014.60024,300
Dar es SalaamKilosa11,50015,40025,600
Dar es SalaamDodoma18,50024,70041,200
Dar es SalaamMakutupora19,00025,30042,200
Dar es SalaamSaranda19,80026,40044,000
Dar es SalaamManyoni20,30027,10045,200
Dar es SalaamAghondi20,90027,80046,400
Dar es SalaamItigi21,70028,90048,200
Dar es SalaamTabora25,40033,90056,500
Dar es SalaamUrambo28,10037,50062,500
Dar es SalaamKaliua29,10038,80064,700
Dar es SalaamUvinza33,50044,60074,400
Dar es SalaamKigoma35,70047,60079,400


KutokaKwendaDaraja la I
Daraja la II
Daraja la III
Dar es SalaamKakola56,00041,30020,800
Dar es SalaamIpala58,10042,80021,500
Dar es SalaamIsaka62,30045,80022,900
Dar es SalaamLohumbo62,30045,80022,900
Dar es SalaamMalampaka68,70050,30025,100
Dar es SalaamBukwimba70,80051,80025,800
Dar es SalaamFela73,90054,10026,900
Dar es SalaamMwanza south75,00054,80027,300


KutokaKwendaDarajala I
Daraja la II
Daraja la III
Dar es SalaamUyumbu63,40046,60023,300
Dar es SalaamKengeme64,40047,30023,300
Dar es SalaamLumbe64,40047,30023,700
Dar es SalaamUsinga66,60048,80024,400
Dar es SalaamUgalla river67,60049,60024,800
Dar es SalaamKatumba70,80051,80025,800
Dar es SalaamMpanda72,90053,30026,600

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