Handyman Courses for beginners in South Africa

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Handyman Courses for beginners

Handyman Courses for beginners in South Africa, Available Handyman Courses for beginners who are in South Africa.Handyman training courses list.

Handyman Courses for beginners
Handyman Courses for beginners

Handyman Courses for beginners in South Africa

What is a Handyman?

A Handyman is a person that performs maintenance in and around the house/business premises and on equipment. These responsibilities can vary from quick repair jobs to highly skilled tasks. In some cases, especially in certain work related instances, a Handyman may need specified training to gain the skills necessary to maintain the equipment that may be in use at the business premises.

Benefits of handyman courses for beginners?

The following will be advantages or benefits for handyman courses for beginners;

  • A person who performs maintenance duties at work but has never had formal training.
  • A person who would like to gain the knowledge to possibly start their own small business.
  • A person who would like to gain the knowledge to use it in and around the home for personal use.

What skills will a person gain from Handyman Courses for beginners?

  • Apply health and safety to the work area.
  • Identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for engineering hand tools.
  • Maintain and repair plumbing systems.
  • Establish and prepare a Painting work area.
  • Prepare and prime new surfaces.
  • Tile replacement and tile laying.
  • Comply with good housekeeping practices.
  • Adapt to working in a client’s work environment.
  • Describe the impact of customer service on a business.
  • Basic Electricity skills.
  • Apply & Maintain safety in an electrical environment.
  • Design & construct a single phase circuit.
  • Painting & Wall Paper.
  • Scaffold erectors

Where can a Handyman use newly gained skills?

You may ask yourself, Where can I use new Handyman gained skills. Here are application of Your Skills gained from handyman courses for beginners

  • In the workplace (part-time or full-time).
  • Start your own Handyman business.
  • In and around the home

What Handyman courses can I choose from?

Where is the handyman courses for beginners training done?

The Handyman training courses are presented in Monument Park in Pretoria. Both the theoretical training and the practical training will be done here.

The Basic Handyman/ General Maintenance course can be presented at a business premises (‘On Job’ training) for a group of 5 – 12 learners.

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