Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers for Freshers and Experienced people.

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Interview questions and answers.


Interview is a formal meeting of people face to face where they are in conversation in which one participant asks questions (Interviewer) and other participant have to provide answers (Interviewee) inorder evaluate qualifications if one is suitable for a job or any position applied by interviewee or applicants.


Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers for Freshers and Experienced people.

Before Job interview Questions and their best Answers, You must know the following;

Secrets to success in your Job Interview;


Preparation is the first thing to do before going to your interview. Always if you want to succeed in doing something especcially Interview you have to prepare yourself before the day of the interview.

How to prepare before the day of the Interview?

Whizzem gives you procedures or techniques to prepare yourself before and during the day of Interview. Those are;

Before the day of Interview;

Do company research: You can research the company you want to work with in current trends, main business lines, required skills, salary and posible problems asked during an interview. Not only those mentioned above but you have to explore more about the company.

Also find out about which type of interview is, and what qualifications the interview expect, training courses and applying procedures.

Review Interview questions: This also is among techniques to prepare yourself before going to your interview because there are some common questions which are asked during interviews. You can review those questions and answers and refer to them at a later tito. Prepare a list of questions about your normal life. This will help you to build confidence before your interview. Thing to consider is to be natural and remember not to memorize answers.

Also you have to know the interview location, Get dressed by choosing your outfit in compliance with the standard of the organization and finally you adviced to hve emergency fix-it kit (Breath mint, comb,hair gel and Extra cloth and panty) incase of any emergency which may occur on the day of an Interview.

NOTE: Don’t forget your documents  which includes copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV), academic transcript and other documents related to job requirements as additional value on your resume.

On the Interview day.

Wake up early and clean or make up yourself then arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier at area of interview, contact interviewer or HR if you may be llate.

During Interview: Don’t show bad habits like chew gum or anything, Also make sure that your phone is silent or turned off. Be confident and keep a good eye contact.

During interview you must avoid using words such as ‘maybe’, ‘I cannot’, ‘I don’t’.

Interview is not only face to face, gives out different types of job interview questions and techniques to face them. Interview can be screening interview, Phone interview,stress interview, Group interview, Pannel interview, Lunch (Breakfast) Interview, Behavioral interviewand others.

Common Interview questions and suggested Answers.

Question One: Tell me/us about yourself:

Suggested Answers:

This is a common question which want you to introduce yourself and give a brief summary of your experience in your latest position and other adjectives. The aim of interviewer want to know what is most important to you,  if you fit for the job

Example of Answers:

A1: For experienced people:

‘Hi. I am Konga, I am an innovative HR manager with 7 years of work experience managing all aspects of HR Function.. From recruitment to training to benefits for fortune 500 companies’


‘My name is Jesca, I graduated from ABC university with Bachelor degree in banking and finance. After 3 years working as a Finance manager, I have well experienced in training, mentoring and motivating other finance personnel to achieve the goals of company.’

A2: For Freshers People may answer as follow;

‘Hi, I am Koplo. I am a hard working Engineering graduate specialist in computer science engineering with an overall GPA of….’


I am Anord, a fresh graduate from (Mention your University here) with bachelor degree of (XXXX). During my study I…(Try to explain your field practical you attended but which related with Job descriptions) 

Question two: Why should we hire you?

In this question, Interviewer want to know what can you bring to their company. In this section, you have to sell yourself by express about your experiences and what differentiates the best candidates from the other good candidates.

Example of Answers:

A1: For experienced people

‘You should hire me, because I have 3 years experience working with customers in a very similar environment And I got customer service skills which will help me to solve customer problems.’

A2: For freshers people:

‘You should hire me, because I believe that I am the best person for this(Mention)  position. There are many others who have the ability to do this job but I will bring an additional quality which will make me the very best person for this position by putting every part of myself into archiving it.

Question three: Why do you want to work here?

This is simple question, First of all you need to  know about the company that you are willing to work for and make sure that you read job description and tell them about experience that you have and working for ABC will be a challenge to you.

Example of Answers.

MMM is number one in XXX industry which I have long been studying and aiming for and I believe that with my ability and the opportunity to work here, I will be able to make a breakthrough in  ABC area.

Question four: What do you know about our Organization?

Before going to your interview, make sure you do some research on the Organization. During your research try to find out where they have been and where they are going.

Also Identify what are products of the company or which are current issues and their major players.

Sample Answers

A good organization with perfect management which provide services(mention them) and it has good environment for working.(_Also you can tell them about their objectives and goals)

Question Five: What kind of salary are you looking for?/ How much we can pay you as salary?

This is tough and very technical question, You need to be very careful when you want to answer this question. A nasty little game that you will probably lose if you answer first, so do not answer it. Instead , you can ask interviewers about range of salary according to the position you want.

Advice: Do some research on amount of salary according to the position you are looking for by asking some workers of that company.This will help you to answer this question very confidently.

Question six: Do you have any questions for us/me?

Beer in mind, You have to be with prepared questions which you will ask interviewers. You have to avoid question which will be with straight forward answers such as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Sample of questions which you may ask;

  • Do you have and concern about my ability to perform this job?
  • What does the company value the most, and how can my work further these vale?

Other Questions are depend on your position that you are looking for, So read and review questions and Suggested answers according to your position you are going for interview.

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NOTE: Suggested answers are not necessary to be answered as they are, Answers may not be same but they will show you how to answer interview questions.

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