20+ SAMPLE Leave Application Forms in PDF | MS Word Templates

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20+ SAMPLE Leave Application Forms in PDF | MS Word Templates

Leave application forms are essential for many reasons such as accidents, some employees experience a sickness or any emergency that might trigger work absenteeism. So when an Individual or employee needs a break to rest or go on a vacation, he or she can ask permission to take leave early.

What is the Leave Application form?

A leave refers to a period where an employee allowed by a manager or HR to take time off.

Leave Application form refer to the form which an employee write their basic details and other requirements to apply for a leave then submit to HRs. Details include how many days of leave, the reason behind it, and more. Nevertheless, everything inputted in the form should be correctly detailed to receive Confirmation.

Why Are Leave Application Forms Important?

These forms are important for:

  • Documentation purposes.

What are the different types of leave?

Some examples of the different types of leave are the following:

  • Vacation leave
  • Annual leave
  • Study leave
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Parental leave
  • Carer’s leave

The Elements of a Leave Application Form

Sometimes, an employee wish to write the leave application but do not know which elements are essential when preparing the leave. The following are common elements found inside leave application forms.

  • Title or Letterhead
  • Name of Organization
  • Name of Employee
  • Date of Request
  • Duration of Leave
  • Nature of Leave
  • Reason for Leave
  • Supporting Files
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Signatures

20+ SAMPLES of Leave Application Forms Templates

To download, Click on type of Leave you want from the following Application forms.

Medical Leave Application Form

Form Of Application For Leave

College Leave Application Form

Employee Leave Application Form

Civil Service Leave Application Form

Maternity Leave Application Form

Sick Leave Application Form

Application For Leave Extension Form

Application For Casual Leave Form

Business Leave Application Form

Parents Leave Application Form

Corporation Leave Application Form

Terminal Leave Application Form

Unpaid Leave Application Form

Study Leave Application Form

Leave Application Form For Students

Maternity Leave Application Form

On-Duty Leave Application Form

Students Leave Application Form

Paternity Leave Application Form

Special Leave Application Form

Carers Leave Application Form


Leave application forms will not be automatically accepted but there are chances for the applications to be denied, especially when the reasons behind the leave are unacceptable. But, employers need to provide a reasonable statement for denying the Request.

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